What is this place? A question I would have asked myself if I had stumbled upon this website.

As someone who enjoys audiobooks, I have made Kutb as a library of urdu audiobooks. I find urdu audiobooks from around the internet, organise them in an easy to understand layout and put them here for people to access them.

On top of putting them on Kutb, I also upload them onto the popular podcast websites such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and etc. Links to these are provided in the audio player for each book.

At present Kutb is in its very early stages of development, and there is not much content here. But that will change with time as it grows. I will be uploading books in parts on Mondays and Thursdays, slowly starting with just one book and then hopefully expanding to more.

It is important to mention that I do not own these books, and will always try to give you links to the authors official pages.

If you have any queries or feedback, get in touch at kutb.pk@gmail.com.